HYPER-SEAL DPS-200 is a grey, elastomeric water- swellable paste which is applied like a sealant. The hydrophilic properties of HYPER-SEAL DPS-200 display good consistency in swell rate during repeated wet/dry cycling. Expansion of the product on contact with water creates a positive pressure against the faces of the concrete.
;Cut conical tip off cartridge end-thread, screw on nozzle and cut to required size. Place HYPER-SEAL DPS-200 into sealant gun and apply like a conventional sealant. Extrude a bead of not less then 15mm diameter onto the substrate, ensuring that there is no break in the bead.
Installation Process
Where the substrate is uneven, HYPER-SEAL DP2010 can be fastened in place using masonry nails at approx. 300 mm center. Care should be taken however to ensure that the substrate has sufficient strength to enable a mechanical fixing to be securely driven without damaging the HYPER-SEAL. Alternatively, a groove can be cast into concrete to facilitate application. HYPER-SEAL DP2010 is suitable for use in most weather conditions, but heavy rain or prolonged immersion will cause premature swelling. Should this occur, it will be necessary to allow it to dry out, or be dried with a hot air gun before concrete pouring takes place. HYPER-SEAL DP2010 should not be used in expansion joints, or any concrete section of less than 150 mm. widths.