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CM SWELLSTOP is flexible, preformed adhesive coil of specially formulated butyl rubber and bentonite clay. It swells in the presence of water, filling voids in unfinished or poorly consolidated concrete surfaces providing a lasting, watertight compression seal in non-moving joints. Because of its special butyl rubber composition it remains flexible and easy to handle during cold weather conditions

  • Clean and dry concrete by brush and blow dust from concrete surface
  • Install CM SWELLSTOP at the middle of concrete joint thickness (Minimum 5 cm. required from exterior concrete.
  • Fix CM SWELLSTOP with nail to prevent displacement of waterstop while pouring concrete and concrete vibrating
  • Connecting of CM SWELLSTOP can be made by butt joining or side lapping (min 5 cm. Lap length required)
  • Primer should be used where CM SWELLSTOP is installed at sharp conner and in verticle direction of installing to ensure securely adhere to concrete surface.
    Dimension 25 x 19mm x 5 m. Per roll

    20 x 15 mm x 5 m. Per roll

    Weight 3.94 kgs/Roll
    Carton Content 30 meters(6 rolls per box)