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Civil Master Co.,Ltd. provides Diamond core drilling services for many diffrent applications. Core drilling is the fastest and most cost effective method of creating clean opening through reinforced concrete. slabs, wall and masonry walls, Holes can be drilled for cable, pipes dust, test cores without creating and dust or causing any damage to surrounding structures. Core drilling can be carried out electric or hydraulic motors the latter is used when noise disturbance needs to be kept to a minimum, as the motor is virually silent in operation.    Read more +
As our team are expert and our experienced al least 10 years in demolition every kinds of concrete by using the specific equipments as follow
  • Biting Jaws : This equipment can biting concrete and suitable for limited area. Low noise and clean Zwithout slough of concreteX while machine operating.
  • Diamond Wire Saw : The properly of this equipment is require to demolish concrete which more thickness.
  • Diamond Wall Saw : This equipment is operating by track mounting system that rapid, accurate and correct to line-cutting. It's can be applied with an opening phases which able to operate on ground floor and wall. The customers can be certain in safety and rapid ly in our service.
    Drilling Service for installation Stud & Rebar : Civil Master Co.,Ltd. provide drilling hole by hammer drill bits machine for building renovation work. repairs and plumbing installation. Clients can choose to install chemical anchors, expansion anchors or polyester resin to fit with their requirement.
    Demolition Service : Civil Master Co.,Ltd. also provide demolition service for demolish building, factory, bridges, and infrastrusture which controlled by engineers whose having more expanrience especically.